Fit for Yamaha R6 2006-2007 Full LED Headlight Assembly V3

Fit for Yamaha R6 2006-2007 Full LED Headlight Assembly V3

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Yamaha R6 Headlight

 Yamaha R6 Headlight 2006 2007

Full LED Headlight Assembly for Yamaha R6 LED 2006 2007 V3

300% Brighter

LED optical fiber integrated with turn signal

Dual LED high beams and low beams

Easy Installation

Item Specifics


Application:Yamaha R6 2006 2007

Optical Fiber Color:White(Integrated with turn signal function)

Demon Eye Color:Blue,Red,Green,Orange,ect

Driving Version:


driving motor on the road's right side;


driving motor on the road's right side; 

Packing List:

1*LED Headlight Assembly for Yamaha R6 2006 2007

1*Relay Harness

1*User Manual

Function Explanation

1:LED Optical Fiber:Always on while turning the key on.

2:Low Beam and LED Demon Eye:low beam on/off switch mounted by the KT relay harness,it can be used to control the low beam and demon eye on and off.

3:High Beam:Using the original high&low beam switch to control it.

Shipping Detail Information

1 Review
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    Awesome product

    Posted by Jonathan Blemler on 9th Feb 2023

    These lights are awesome! Perfect oem like fit, and the new v3 harness is alot smaller than the previous version. Plug and play installation Also fast shipping

How to do the troubleshooting?

1:If you're experiencing a problem with one of our products, we strongly recommends that you first troubleshoot the headlight.

2:We would like to think that every light we build is perfect. It's certainly KT's goal. In fact, the vast majority of our headlights are still in the field doing exactly what they're supposed to do. But even with our high quality, there are going to be occasional problems. We stand behind our products and if the customer has an issue we will make things right.

3:The problem is, we got some returns where the lights are okay and operate as intended. That means wasted time, effort, and money for everyone! We??d like to show the customer a few things the customer can check before returning a product to help determine if it's a warrantable issue or not. A returned product that is found to be functioning properly results in unnecessary costs to our customers in both shipping and time.

4:Assuming that the problem was found by unknown reason, the customer should firstly do the BENCH TEST for the headlight, by removing the headlight from the motorcycle and test it using a 12V power supply. If the headlight functions properly outside the motorcycle, the problem lies elsewhere and a return would not be covered under warranty. And of course the customer could ask us for troubleshooting videos if he cannot judge by himself,we created a video channel for our products.

One Year Warranty

One-year warranty will be offered for all KT headlight assemblies, if the defective parts /malfunction are found and proved during the warranty period, KT will provide free replacement(s) to replace the defective parts. Considering the high shipping cost and customs taxes, KT won't ask the customer to send back defective parts to us.

For proof, we will require the customer to send pictures or short video to prove the defective parts /malfunction.
1:If it is less than 3 months, the shipping cost for the replacement(s) would be borne by KT.

2:If more than 3 months and less than 1 year, the shipping cost for the replacement(s) would be borne by the customer.

3:If more than 1 year, KT would also provide replacement(s) with reasonable price.