1 Piece of HID Ballast for KT Custom Headlight Assembly

1 Piece of HID Ballast for KT Custom Headlight Assembly

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1 Piece of HID Ballast for KT Custom Headlight Assembly

Slim HID Ballast Model: KT-MDS1 ( Ultra Slim Type )

1.Technology Parameters

1) Output power : 12V 35W  or 12V 55W
2) Rated input voltage: DC13.5 ( or 9~16V DC)
3) Input start-up current 5 A (35W); 6.5A ( 55W) 
4) Stable input current 3.1 A ( input 13.5V DC)
5) Input low voltage protection 7.0±0.5V DC
6) Input low voltage protection 16±0.5V DC
7) Rated output power: 35±1W: 55±1W 
 8) Rated output voltage: 85V AC
9) Instant Start-up voltage:≥23KV AC
10) Output short circuit protection: Automatically stop working within 2s while open circuited
11) Output open circuit protection: Started-up continuously, power supply works normal
12) Life span: ≥ 10000 hours
13) Standard work temperature: -40a~+105a
14) Water-proof, anti-vibration and salt-fog test
15) Size:  35W: 69(L) X 61(W) X 13(H)mm ; 55W 83(L) X70(W) X 15(H)mm
 16) Net weight: 200g ( 35W); 260g ( 55W)

2. Product characteristic

1) Full aluminum shell radiate heat quickly with low working temperature, thus reduce greatly the defective rates.
2) Vacuum sealed to double guarantee waterproof, dustproof and shockproof.
3) Self protection against over voltage, low voltage, open circuit and short circuit etc.
4) Low start current same as the original vehicle lighting working current, avoid affecting or damaging of other vehicle electronics from large current
5) Small size, light weight and very low start interference.

3. Warranty: One Year 


HID Ballast 55WHID Ballast 35W

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    This HID Ballast worked perfectly with the H1 HID Bulps

    Posted by Stein-Erik Karlsen on 24th Apr 2023

    The HID Ballast have worked well together with the H1 HID bulbs for a week or 1800km without any issue